About Our Business

Sprint Capital Group provides the first-class consulting and research
service with the leading international energy market players..

Sprint Capital Japan Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1995 by financial-
background professional who has profound experience in the Wall Street
firms with most-updated financial engineering technologies related to
trading and risk management.

Sprint Capital NW Inc was founded in 2001 in Portland, Oregon, an
energy center for Pacific Northwest and northern California market.

The uniqueness of the firm’s management is the integration of trading
experience and expertise of Wall Street with understanding of the recent
development of energy markets, which brings exceptional advantage in
business consulting capability especially focusing on reformed market
mechanism, commoditization, updated technology and interdisciplinary
business solutions. .  Since few consultants have expertise in both
financial expertise and energy market solutions covering areas in both
Japan and the U.S., SC is best positioned to provide consulting services
to the U.S. energy product and service providers to expand into the
Japanese market.

About Us